Nihongo Tango [Vocabulary] Drills - Kanyoku & Jukugo (Idioms & Common Phrases)

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This book is an excellent introduction (or review!) of the idioms and phrases that Japanese language students so often elude. Sure, you can have a conversation, but can you express yourself like the Japanese? This book makes it easy and interesting - each of the 41 chapters of the first part of the book focuses on a common word that every student knows - for example, "kuchi [mouth]," and teaches you a number of phrases based around the word in question. At the end of the double page of each chapter, you find some exercises to check what you have just learned. The second part of the book deals with traditional idioms composed of four kanji like the Japanese equivalent to "killing two birds with one stone". You can learn all kinds of useful and common phrases that you might hear in everyday life and of which you might not be able to understand the meaning if you translate it literally. Furigana readings are given for most of the kanji. For an example, please see the images to the left.

- word index at the end of the book
- Pages: 111

ISBN/UPC: 9784872176735
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