Nissin Instant Curry Flavoured Rice - Nisshin Curry Meshi 2

Product Description

Instant noodles enjoy great popularity in Japan and instant curry is quickly catching up. Nissin Curry Meshi 2 is one great example of Japanese instant curry popular among busy people and curry lovers. It only takes around 5 minutes to prepare: Remove the cover, pour in water, take the cover and place it on top off the box. Next, microwave the box for around 3.5 minutes. Lastly, wait for two minutes, stir the curry with the rice and eat away! 

Shinagawa Station in Tokyo has a dedicated Curry Meshi Restaurant on the actual platforms of the station, for a limited time only. Get them here if you missed them!

Allergen information: Contains wheat, egg, milk constituent, peanut, pork, chicken, beef, soybean, sesame and gelatin.

Due to import restrictions this product cannot be shipped to the United States. Orders from the United States will be refunded.

VENDOR: Nissin