Non-essential English Vocabulary: Words that will never come up in tests

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"Boss, your sexual slave is on line 2."

"Thank you."

No, these aren't lines from an adult movie; these are genuine excerpts from Twitter feed and study guide “Non-essential English Vocabulary: Words that will never come up in tests”, a language resource for Japanese students of English (as well as English speaking students learning Japanese) that presents entirely useless but infinitely memorable phrases.

Learning whole phrases is infinitely easier than memorizing a list of words that you have never met before in your life. With a memorable example sentence pattern to fall back on, coupled with a strong mental image to recall, even complex, technical words or phrases soon find a permanent home in your brain.

While this book was originally intended for Japanese hoping to master English, it can easily be applied to the study of the Japanese language, too. 

Pages: 201

ISBN/UPC: 84864103039
VENDOR: Asukashinsha

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