Point-and-Speak Phrasebook: Japan

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Point-and-Speak Phrasebook: Japan is recommended for travelers being the first time in Japan and not sure with the Japanese language.

It is also suitable for newcomers to Japan to get through at the beginning or beginners to communicate with friends. It is designed as a communication tool between a Japanese person and the person who possess the book. Every item or phrase is combined with pictures and written in English and Japanese (in Hiragana/Katakana or kanji and with written pronunciation).

So even if you don't know the word or are unsure about the pronunciation, you can just point on the pictures in the book and show it to a Japanese person. For the beginners of Japanese learners, it is a fun vocabulary builder.

Most pictures are in cute comic-style but food and some shops are shown in real life photos. So that you don't put your foot in it all the time and leave a good impression, the book does not only help you with practical getting-around information but also with helpful advices on Japanese culture, good manners and behavior. Everything in this book is written in English and Japanese, from the introduction to "hints to understand Japanese people" at the end.

Don't shy to show the Point-and-Speak Phrasebook: Japan to Japanese people, it is friendly written and sure they will find it amusing.

ISBN/UPC: 9784795818439
VENDOR: Joho Center

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