Popin Cookin Nakayoshi Neruneru

Product Description

Tired of making and eating candy on your own? It's time to call your friends and make them together! Popin Cookin Nakayoshi Neruneru is the 2nd addition to Kracie's Neruneru series in the summer of 2016. Nakayoshi means "close friend", and that is who you are meant to enjoy this DIY kit with.

There are 2 different flavors to enjoy in one kit: Strawberry and muscat (grape).

Nakayoshi Neruneru is easy to make and takes only 2-3 minutes to prepare in 2 easy steps:

1. Pour water into the tray, add the powders and stir.

2. Open the sprinkles and spread them on top. 

Done! Time to enjoy

Popin Cookin Nakayoshi Neruneru allergen information:

Contains egg and milk.

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