Popin Cookin Tsukurou! Okosama Lunch

Product Description

How about some cute looking Japanese dishes for lunch today? The Popin Cookin Tsukurou! Okosama Lunch (literally: Let's make children's lunch!) let's you experience all kinds of popular Japanese dishes, and the best part: you can make all of them yourself! This miniature lunch set contains everything from meat to vegetables, with each dish having it's own unique flavor and cute look.

Popin Cookin Tsukurou! Okosama Lunch includes:

  • An Omelette (mixed juice flavor)
  • Fried potatos (apple flavor)
  • Fried shrimp (orange flavor)
  • Chicken rice (soda flavor)
  • 2 Meat balls (chocolate flavor)
  • Kechup (strawberry flavor)
  • Vegetables (choco mint flavor)

Allergene information:

Includes milk, gelatin, soybean and banana.

ISBN/UPC: 901551355358
US$3.72 US$4.80