Practical Kanji Volume 1 - An Introductory Kanji Textbook for Japanese Language Learners

Product Description

Practical Kanji Volume 1 teaches you the first 250 Kanji in an easy to understand and practical way. The book consists of 23 chapters. Each chapter contains 9-12 new kanji and has a very clear structure. The difficulty gets harder the further you advance in the chapter: It starts by introducing the new kanji, followed by reading exercises, then writing exercises and lastly listening exercises that challenge you to write kanji by ear.

This book is a good choice for people who struggle to remember kanji and prefer to have a context in which the kanji are used rather than learning them by themselves. Each chapter contains several examples for every kanji, providing plenty of context.

The book contains English and Vietnamese translations for kanji and vocabulary, however the exercises are in Japanese only to challenge you to read and write as much Japanese as possible!

Pages: 245
Languages: Japanese, English and Vietnamese
Includes: mp3 audio CD

ISBN/UPC: 9784872179750