Mewgaroo Hoodie with Pet Pouch (Black)

Product Description

This listing is for the brand new Black Mewgaroo Hoodie!

Unihabitat, the folks behind the crazy popular Vegetable Pet Bed, presents Mewgaroo Hoodie, a pouched, cat-kangaroo hybrid hoodie offering cuteness and comfort for both human and pet.

Catering to your pet’s desire to nessle into warm, cozy spaces, Mewgaroo Hoodie accommodates cats, dogs and other creatures that would roughly fit into your belly. The snug pouch acts as a sort of animal-straitjacket, keeping them off the keyboard and all over your lap when work needs to get done. As an added bonus, the hoodie’s drawstring provides a second line of defense against animal invasion: distracting fuzzy tassles.

Mewgaroo Hoodie is machine-washable, and the pouch’s inner lining is removable for cleaning.

Size Chart

VENDOR: Unihabitat