Reading aloud in Japanese!

Product Description

This is a text book to practice Japanese by moving mouth and speaking aloud.

You can strat using this book from around the time you enter the latter stages of beginning level Japanese.

Ondoku, which means “reading aloud” is a practice method that is suited to excersise for the mouth.Reading aloud is a mouth excersise for building awareness of sounds rather than meaning.

The transcripts in Units 1-30 have all been written for the sake of reading aloud, and thier difficulty and length have been designed appropriately so you can concentrate on practicing .In addition, the audio in Units 1-30 are recorded with three versions: two speeds(‘Basic” and “Slow”) and then audio for listening and repeating (“Line-by-Line”). This way the audio accommodates learners of various levels.

Comes with 2 Cds in English translation. There are Chinese and Vietnamese translation avairable on exclusive website.
ISBN/UPC: 9784872178883