Rhythm Tengoku-Gold for Nintendo DS

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Rhythm Tengoku Gold for Nintendo DS is the most fun and addictive game to appear for DS in a long time. Let's flick to the rhythm!

The point of the game is to see how much rhythm you have. If you don't have good rhythm, you will after playing this game for a while. The game is reminiscent of the drumming and music games so popular in Japanese arcades, but this game takes the formula a step further.

You will need a little Japanese to be able to clearly read the directions. Once you get used to it, it's really easy, but if you don't have much Japanese, it might take a little extra effort just to get used to how the game works. But once you do it'll pay off! Also, most of the directions are in hiragana, so if you take the time to read them, you might pick up some useful basic Japanese, too.

This is not a study game, but a great way to have fun with friends, family, or enjoy a break from studying Japanese!

All Nintendo DS games are compatible with any Nintendo DS system worldwide.

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VENDOR: Nintendo
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