Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Lanterns by Sachie Muramatsu

Product Description

Light and paper are closely linked in Japan, but these hanging flower lanterns by lighting artist Sachie Muramatsu bring an aura of fantasy to that old connection.

The lanterns use layers of traditional Japanese paper (‘washi’) made from naturally grown mulberry trees, arranged and dyed to mimic enormous hanging flowers. The paper feels incredibly soft to touch, but it’s also durable; handmade washi was even used as armour in Japan’s past. Looking further back, one of the most common uses of washi (apart from writing) is the covering of wooden doors and windows; the way light hits and radiates out of softly transparent mulberry fibres is something people have taken pleasure from for thousands of years in Japan.

Imagine one of these lamps hanging from the center of your room. Turned off, it’s quiet and dormant. Turned on, the flower comes alive. The dyed Japanese paper, colored vivid red, red-white, yellow and pink glows brightly and its strange realism make the experience uncanny; your room becomes a fantasy landscape from a parallel, bio-luminescent Japan. This lamp imitates a classic rose flower to add some spice to your interior, lifting the mood whether it is turned on or off.

Shaped like a Sakura Flower, or a cherry blossom flower,  it provides a warm soft color that will fill your room. The leaves contain wires inside,so they can be adjusted to different angles.

This Sakura Lantern come in sizes of Small, Medium and Large.

Please confirm before ordering.

IMPORTANT: About Voltage
The voltage used in Japan is 100V, which is different to many other countries. Because of this the designer is not comfortable selling the light shade with the light bulb and cord since it may not work properly in your country and may cause fire because of the voltage difference. Therefore the light bulb and cord are not included when buying the lamp. We suggest to buy a cord like this one from your local store, like this item at IKEA

Please check this note from Sachie regarding what sockets can and cannot be used with her lamps.

Made to Order

This item is made to order. Every lamp is carefully handcrafted by the designer Sachie Muramatsu. Please allow for one month production time.

The price includes global shipping by EMS (Express Mail Service) with tracking and insurance. EMS shipments usually arrive in about 3 business days.

Inside Japan this item ships for free and usually arrives in one business day.

Additional Models
Interested in a different model from Sachie's website? We can help! Just send your request to White Rabbit Express, our special order service. 


SMALL: Diameter: 20cm  Height: 22cm

MEDIUM: Diameter 30cm Height 30cm 

LARGE: Diameter: 45cm  Height 43cm

VENDOR: White Rabbit Japan