Listening problems that will be in the Exams - Shiken ni deru Chokai - Listening for the JLPT N1 & N2 (w/CDs)

Product Description

The newest publication on the market for all those who are eager to learn for the listening part of the new JLPT.

This book is an intensive preparation for the level N1 and N2 and can be completed in only 28 days!

Japanese is not an easy language to learn, so it requires a bit attention every day, especially for the listening. For those who are eager to pass the JLPT tests, it is recommended to dedicate yourself each day to a few exercises. This book provides a good measure of learning material for every day.

For each of the 28 days 3-5 exercises are given. This way you can estimate your quota for the day and divide it better.

After 28 days of exercises, the book challenges you to show what you have learnt by mock tests on the last 30 pages, which are based exactly on the types of questions of the listening section for the level N1 and N2

ISBN/UPC: 9784342881794
VENDOR: Kirihara
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