Situational Functional Japanese Volume 1 Notes

Product Description

Situational Functional Japanese Volume 1 Notes is a textbook that can be used by any beginner, even those that have not learned hiragana and katakana yet. Unlike most other beginner textbooks, this book does not focus on using as much Japanese as possible. Instead, it starts with a detailed introduction to Japanese (grammar, pronunciation and writing system), in which the basics and the mind set you need to learn Japanese are explained.

Do you have no idea where and how to start? How do I learn hiragana? What is a particle? If you struggle with these questions, this book will help you understand the basics step-by-step. After you are done with the introduction to Japanese, you continue with the 8 lessons in this book. The Japanese sentences introduced in the lessons are always supported with English explanations. While other textbooks do not have the same level of support to guide you, this book never leaves you hanging.

Still don't know if it is the right chocie for you? Have a look at the sample pages and decide for yourself.

Situational Functional Japanese Volume 1 Notes lesson structure:

  • Model Conversation: The conversations in this book are between an Indian Student (Anil Sharma), Lisa Brown from the United Kingdom and their Japanese friends and professors. The conversations are written in as natural Japanese as possible, which sometimes means there are grammar expressions usually not learned by beginners. But don't worry: The book supports everything with detailed explanations.
  • Report: The report sums up the content of the conversation in full, Japanese sentences. No English translations provided.
  • New Words and Expressions: A list of vocabulary introduced in the lesson. Kanji included.
  • Grammar Notes: Detailed explanations of the lesson's grammar with English explanations and images for visual help.
  • Conversation Notes: These notes are meant to help you prepare for the lessons. They provide insight into the Japanese culture and nuances you will find in the conversation.

Recommended for you if:

  • You are a complete beginner and have never touched the Japanese language before.
  • You want an easy start with lots of guidance and help in English.

Additional information:

  • Pages: 235
  • Languages: Japanese & English
  • No furigana (kanji readings)

Complementary material:

ISBN/UPC: 9784893583123
VENDOR: Bonjinsha