Situational Functional Japanese Volume 2 Notes

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Situational Functional Japanese Volume 2 Notes picks up where volume 1 ends and starts with lesson 9. In spite of the fact that many other textbooks use as little English as humanly possible, this series goes the complete opposite route and uses English wherever necessary. Especially the grammar section has very detailed English explanations, many examples and a do and don't section that covers common mistakes. Furthermore, the conversation notes section gives you insight into Japanese culture and goes far beyond a simple cultural explanation of the situation in the model conversation.

Situational Functional Japanese Volume 2 Notes lesson structure:

  • Model Conversation: The conversations are written in as natural Japanese as possible by for example using different levels of politeness. The conversations describe useful everyday situations helpful when you are in Japan. The first lesson in this book for example is about what to do in a Japanese hospital. Other conversation examples would be "At a department store" and "Asking the way".
  • Report: The report sums up the content of the conversation in full, Japanese sentences and gives explanations when necessary. No English translations provided.
  • New Words and Expressions: A list of vocabulary introduced in the lesson. Kanji included.
  • Grammar Notes: Detailed explanations of the lesson's grammar with English explanations and images. Each grammar point features several example sentences.
  • Conversation Notes: Notes meant to help you prepare for the lessons. They provide insight into the Japanese culture and relevant information about the conversation topic of a lesson.

Recommended for you if:

  • You finished Situational Functional Japanese Volume 1 and want to continue learning.
  • You want an easy learning experience with lots of guidance and help in English.

Additional information:

  • Pages: 261
  • Languages: Japanese & English
  • No furigana (kanji readings)

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ISBN/UPC: 9784893582546
VENDOR: Bonjinsha