Situational Functional Japanese Volume 3 Notes

Product Description

Situational Functional Japanese Volume 3 Notes continues with lesson 17 where volume 2 left off. Unlike your typical Japanese textbook, this series uses a lot of English wherever necessary and gives detailed explanations, especially for grammar. If you prefer a high level of explanations and assistance in English rather than as much Japanese as possible, this book is probably your best bet. 

Situational Functional Japanese Volume 3 Notes lesson structure:

  • Model Conversation: Just like in volume 1 and 2 the conversations are written in as natural Japanese as possible. The conversations are about everyday situations helpful when visiting Japan, like for example "Inviting a friend", "Visiting a sick person" and "Making and refusing a request".
  • Report: This section sums up the content of the conversation and gives explanations when necessary. No English translations for this section.
  • New Words and Expressions: A list of vocabulary introduced in the lesson. Kanji included.
  • Grammar Notes: Detailed grammar explanations in English with illustrations. Each grammar point has several example sentences.
  • Conversation Notes: Notes meant to help you prepare for the lessons. They provide insight into the Japanese culture and relevant information about the conversation topic of a lesson.

Recommended for you if:

  • You finished Situational Functional Japanese Volume 2 and want to continue learning.
  • You want an easy learning experience with lots of guidance and help in English.

Additional information:

  • Pages: 271
  • Languages: Japanese & English
  • No furigana (kanji readings)

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ISBN/UPC: 9784893582966
VENDOR: Bonjinsha