Sonna! Choco Banana Maker

Product Description

We all love those chocolate-covered bananas you get at the carnival with the peanuts, coconut flakes and rainbow sprinkles. Takara Tomy reimagines the classic flavor combination with Sonna! Choco Banana Maker, a DIY contraption that makes it easy for you and your friends to create banana-covered…chocolates? Wait, chocolate-filled bananas! That’s better.

1. Cut off banana’s bottom tip.
2. Insert banana into holding tube and crank dial down to slide in cutting tool.
3. Plug off cutter’s airhole to create a vaccuum and crank dial back up to pull out the banana’s insides.
4. Inject banana with chocolate, peanut butter & jelly, whipped cream or whatever your little heart desires!

VENDOR: Takara Tomy ARTS