Sosoge! Taiyakikun Mobile Battery

Product Description

Ever out on the town and your phone is about to run out of battery? Now Natural Design let's you remain powered in style with Sosoge! Taiyakikun, a mobile battery designed in the shape of the ever popular Japanese sweet Taiyaki. 

Highly portable and convenient Taiyakikun allows a full charge of your mobile device 2-3 times off one full charge. Available in both plain and gold variants!

Body size (mm): 123 x 82 x 25
Lithium-ion battery 6000mAh
Input DC5V 1A (micro USB)
Output DC5V 1.3A (USB)
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad mini, MicroUSB compatible smartphones, PSP, Wi-Fi router, etc.
Charging time: 7-8 hours (using 1A USB adapter)

Automatic protective functions:
1) overcharge stop (voltage / current)
2) over-discharge stop (voltage / current)
3) electric short circuit
4) overheating

Set includes:
Battery body
Battery charging cord (USB-microUSB)
MicroUSB-lightning adapter
Drawstring bag

Please note this item may take 2-3 days to fulfill.

VENDOR: Natural Design