Strategies for Reading Academic Papers

Product Description

This book is a useful aid to go faster and more effective through essays. There are two features in this book: one is to learn reading strategies to understand more quickly and precisely about academic papers; another is to learn basic knowledge and terms of social science in Japanese. This book covers various fields of the social science such as economics, commercial science, business administration, law, sociology, international relations, etc. Thus, while you are learning reading strategies at each chapter, you are also building knowledge and vocabulary of the social science at the same time. There are seven chapters in this book, and each chapter includes interesting articles and exercises to work on. Please see the sample pages to check if it is right for you. This book is aimed at upper-intermediate to advanced learners. English translations are given in word lists. 67 pages 7 chapters

ISBN/UPC: 9784883193691
VENDOR: Three A Network