Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie with Pet Pouch (Navy)

Product Description

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Whenever you think Unihabitat finally calmed down, they come up with a crazy new release. The newest addition to their assortment is the Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie, a summer version of the popular Mewgaroo Hoodie as the name suggests. What does this mean for you? Pretty simple: Fun with your cat without sweat! Nobody likes to wear heavy clothes when it's hot outside, and the people over at Unihbabitat realized that (finally!). Light, no sleeves: Exactly what you want in summer. Enjoy having fun with your cat throughout the whole year!

Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie features:

  • Light material
  • No sleeves
  • Pet pouch
  • Cat ears

Size Guide:

Size in cm M size L size
Width 49 53
Length 75 80
Shoulder Width 46 46
Sleeve length 23  25
VENDOR: Unihabitat