Nintendo DS - Mr.Writes Kanjis Perfect- preparing for Kanji Testing - Tadashii Kanji Kakitori-kun - Kanken Taisaku

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Tadashii Kanji Kakitori-kun: Kanken Taisaku is the sequel to the original Kakitori-kun gamesoft. It offers the most effective way to learn how to write kanji. Use it to study all the kanji you need to know to pass any of the Japanese Language Proficiency Tests (Levels 1-4).

Kakitori-kun's easy to use and effective method allows you to trace kanji when first learning them, or follow an animated stroke diagram. You can start at any level, and proceed according to your own skills and personal goals.

Study, learn new characters, drill yourself, or try to pass one of the actual kanji tests (kanken) included. This game includes all the joyo (general usage) kanji.

All Nintendo DS games work on any Nintendo DS system worldwide.

ISBN/UPC: 4510347920429
VENDOR: Nintendo

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