Taking Japanese for Granted 4 - Rediscovering the Japanese Language-

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This is the fourth volume of the popular series "Taking Japanese for Granted  –Rediscovering the Japanese Language." Each book contains a unique collection of stories illustrated in anime form which discusses common mistakes made in the Japanese language in recent years - mistakes made by Japanese natives no less. The first volume was wildly popular in Japan and was picked up by magazines and TV programs for its playful humor in pointing out daily conversational misuses to avoid.
These books are useful not only for their insight into grammar mistakes as they include topics about Japanese customs, the history of the Japanese language, and more. Even expressions that may be difficult for beginners to grasp are easily explained thanks to the accompanied illustrations - so Japanese learners of all levels can enjoy using it. There is no English translation available, however most segments include Japanese readings of the kanji, so as long as you know hiragana you should be fine.

Pages: 143
Languages: Japanese

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ISBN/UPC: 9784040680835
VENDOR: Kadokawa