TENGA Men’s Loupe

Product Description
Little known fact: male infertility plays a role in nearly half of all cases. So whether you’re trying to start a family or just curious, you might want to check in on your super sailors to make sure everything’s shipshape. Luckily, Men’s Loupe from the always forward-thinking Japanese sex toy company TENGA has an easy, in-home solution.

Men’s Loupe basically allows you to turn your smartphone into a microscope, and the procedure is quite simple. First, you place the magnifier over the camera lens with the adhesive tape. Then, you drop a bit of semen on the clear section of teal accessory (organic and ethically sourced works best) and simply hold it under the magnifier like in science class. Hopefully you’ll see a battalion of tiny spermatozoons on your screen swimming around eagerly if somewhat lost. When finished, be sure to wash thoroughly and salute the drain.

Magnification: 550 times
Magnifying lens: φ0.8 ball lens
Includes: plate, magnifier, slips (x4), cup, dropper
Made in: Japan