The Preparatory Course for the JLPT N1, Kiku: Listening

Product Description

This book is specifically designed as a preparation for the listening part of the JLPT N1. The exercises are based exactly on the types of questions of the JLPT exam. This way, you get familiar with the new test style easily.

Special features of this book:

-You can test whether or not you learned how to make a correct phrase.
-You can gain the ability to answer the new style problems in JLPT N1.
-You can practice many times the types of the problems that appear in JLPT N1.
-Not just listening, frequent repetition is possible.
-You can improve your listening skill by reading aloud to learn accurate Japanese.

Although this book is designed as a listening preparation of JLPT N1, it also works well for intermediate-level learners who want to add some ability in practical Japanese and gain better pronunciation ability. In addition, it is good for those who have insufficient strength in listening so they are struggling to improve their speaking ability as well.

English and Chinese translations are provided to the explanation sentences.

Pages: 254
Includes: 2 CDs 

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