The Preparatory Course for the JLPT N2, Bun no Rule: Learn Kanji, Vocabulary and Grammar

Product Description

This book for you if :
-You are taking the JLPT N2.
-You want to add some ability in practical Japanese.
-You have insufficient strength in grammar so your speaking and reading abilities do not improve.
-You have studied basic grammar but lack of confidence so want to review.

Special Features of this book

-You can gain the ability to answer the new style problems in the JLPT N2: Explanations are given by groups showing what kind of expressions follow nouns, verbs and plain forms. This means you can easily learn continuations of sentences.
-You can practice repeatedly the new problems in JLPT N2: The new "Sentence Construction" problems are ones which are solved by correctly making a meaningful sentence. If you study this book you will understand continuations and obtain the ability to make correct sentences.
-Many conversational style examples: The examples, problems, etc., are often used in conversational style so while you are doing the drills and reading the examples at the same time you are enhancing your conversational ability and improving your practical Japanese.

Pages: 245
Languages: Japanese, English, ChineseĀ 

ISBN/UPC: 9784896894813
VENDOR: Unicom
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