The Preparatory Course for the JLPT N2, Yomu: Reading Comprehension & Grammar

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This book is specifically designed as a preparation for the Reading Comprehension and Grammar part of the JLPT N2, and divided into five parts to prepare you carefully and extensively for the exam:

The first part asks you to fill in words that match the passage. For this you have to be sure about sentence structure in the Japanese grammar. Since all possible answers are very similar you must choose the one most natural.

The second part is to train the understanding of contents. It begins with short texts, then medium up to long texts on which questions are asked. Each text follows explanations on the correct answer, sentence grammar and related vocabularies for assistance.

In the third part you will practice integration. For this you must read and compare two texts and then relate them to each other. These problems are aimed at building your ability to extract information about daily life from more than one source. All exercises include related vocabularies to boost you knowledge.

The fourth part focuses on contention understanding. You will be presented with a long text and asked about the writer's point and contention. This section tests your ability to understand the development of an argument. 

The fifth part trains you to extract the most important details from various sources such as leaflets, business texts, etc.

Within the various parts, the difficulty level increases so you can determine your level and improve.

English and Chinese translations are provided to the word lists and answer keys.

Pages: 229

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