Topic ni yoru Nihongo Sogo Enshu, Jyokyu Shiryoshu (Comprehensive Japanese Practice through Specific Topics Reference Material - Fourth Edition)

Product Description

This book is a collection of reference material and data to be used with the long selling Comprehensive Japanese Practice through Specific Topics - From Identifying Themes to Making Presentations - Advanced. The book presents newspaper articles, graphs, charts and other material for the five topics of Food Culture, Work, Customs & Religion, Recycling, and Gender found in the main book.  Through the examination of each individual topic, language learners can build up their skills in Japanese through gathering information, distributing information, analyzing survey results, and finally making presentations. The student will not only improve their Japanese language skills but his/her ability to analyze and make presentations on information from various sources.  Because the included reference material covers many topics, it can be used not only as a supplementary text for Comprehensive Japanese Practice through Specific Topics - Advanced, but also on its own for composition and/or speeches.

Revisions to the previous edition:  In this fourth edition, new data has been added and the volume of material increased.

Pages: 215

Language: Japanese

ISBN/UPC: 9784883195770
VENDOR: Three A Network
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