Write Now! Kanji for Beginners

Product Description

Do you want to start to learn kanji but are intimidated and don't know how to start? Here's your solution: Write Now! Kanji for Beginners takes away your fear by showing you that kanji are not as hard to learn as they might look like. This book helps you learn and understand the origin of 323 basic kanji with the help of illustrations. Here's the thing: Kanji are not randomly generated characters, they are pictures. You will be amazed at how easy they are to learn once you understand the basic concept. Good luck learning how to read and write your first kanji!

Write Now! Kanji for Beginners lesson structure:

  • Each lesson contains a list of new kanji to learn. The list includes the kanji readings, meaning, examples on how to use them and the stroke order. For every new kanji introduced, there is a sentence in which the new kanji is used.
  • Every lesson challenges you to write the new kanji you learn in both kanji and hiragana. Illustrations support you to understand and remember the meaning of each kanji.
  • Next up you have to read a sentence and write the readings for every kanji. Once you mastered the reading part, you are challenged to read a sentence in hiragana and write it using kanji.
  • In the last part of each lesson you are required to write a sentence using some of the kanji learned in the specific lesson.

Recommended for you if:

  • You are intimidated by kanji but want to overcome your fear and start learning them.
  • You want to take a visual approach to learn kanji (illustrations!).
  • You can already read and write hiragana and katakana.

Additional information:

  • Pages: 229
  • Languages: Japanese & English
  • Includes: Answer key
ISBN/UPC: 9784883194049
VENDOR: Three A Network